Automate 80% Of The Process

Step 1: Register an account

  1. Go to Dux Soup
  2. Click try for free, if you don’t see it. Go to pricing and then click try for free.
  3. Click install for free.
  4. Log in on dux-soup using your Google account. If you don’t have a Google Account you can register one here.

Step 2: Set up dux-soup

  1. You are now in your Dux Soup Dashboard
  2. Next thing to do is go to drip campaigns
  3. Here you add the message sequence that I showed you in the previous chapter. Personalize it to your own business first of course.
  4. The simplest way is to just change the default template. But if you are planning to add several campaigns you can do so by clicking on the new campaign button. This is outside the scope of this course. I will however link you to an advanced Dux-Soup tutorial if you are interested. But you don’t need it.
  5. To add more Follow Ups, just click the gray + button at the bottom of the text messages.

These are the possible placeholders that you can use:

So if you want to use the first name of your prospect you use _FN_ and company name is _CN_

  1. After having set up your drip campaign, you need to set some options for the dux-soup robot. In your extension menu you should now see the icon of a duck If you don’t see the duck press the puzzle piece and find it there. Press the pin on the right of it to have it show up like this.
  2. Click on the duck and press options. Check on automated messages and fill in the text from the first invite.
  3. Secondly, turn on Automated Follow-Up messages. You find this by scrolling down. It standardly uses the default campaign.
  4. Copy the following setting for skipping:
  5. Copy the following settings for throttling:
  6. That’s all you need to do to set up Dux-Soup. Next is to test it.

Step 3: Turn on dux-soup and watch it go

Remember the target market we looked up on LinkedIn? Now it’s time to use it. Go back to it and it will show you this:

Click the duck again and click visit & connect. It will show you a pop-up

Just click OK and dux-soup is now running! It will now send connections to around 50 people every day.

Make sure you fire up your laptop or computer and have your browser open on this tab to keep it running.