FREE Client Challenge

1 FREE High-Ticket Client In 3 Weeks For B2B Entrepreneurs

Take up the challenge with us to arrange the appointments for one additional customer for your business in 3 weeks.

How it works:

We provide 100 FREE LinkedIn connections, and under our guidance, you’ll secure 4-5 appointments and 1 client from this.

Join our waitlist as the first step for the challenge.

Ideal Contestants

For this challenge, ideal participants are companies with the following characteristics::

The reason for this is because we can provide the most value to these companies with the challenge.

Free Bonusses

With this challenge, you will also receive a number of free bonuses.

Tracking Sheet

We have developed a framework to know exactly where your lead is in the entire funnel from stranger to customer, and even beyond.

Value: This makes it possible to classify, prioritize, score leads, and of course, to acquire more leads.

Sold in the past for: €175

Lead List

We collect the email addresses and phone numbers of the people you connect with on LinkedIn in the CRM system we use. These details are available for your company.

Value: All these email addresses can be utilized later for campaigns and lead nurturing.

Previously sold for: €1 per lead.

ROI Calculator

We have developed a Google Sheet that makes it easy to calculate your return and objectives for LinkedIn acquisition.

Value: Clarity is power. You need to know exactly what you need at each step so you can measure whether you are on track or not.

Sold in the past for: €125

2 Month Free LinkedIn Sales Navigator (PRO)

For each account, we can provide 2 months of LinkedIn Sales Navigator for free. This is only for LinkedIn accounts that have not previously taken a premium subscription.

Value: Sales Navigator allows for better filtering of your target audience. It is a must-have.

Normal price for two months: €200


Currently we are at max capacity which is due to the fact that we only start one free client challenge per 2 weeks.

We do this to ensure the best quality of service possible. 

But you can ofcourse join our waitlist and we’ll contact you when the next slot opens.


‘What surprised me was how quickly the assistant was set up and I started receiving leads. I have been using this system for the past 5 months and it works fantastically to find the people I connect with and, of course, to convert them into paying customers.’

– Erik Toenhake

‘I highly recommend this system because it is simple and quick to use. I really appreciated that you didn’t necessarily need your website, and you could start right away.’

– Suzan De Vries

‘Ever since I started using the Bamboo Sales Assistant, I’ve been inundated with leads. And these aren’t leads for simple tasks; they’re for assignments worth over €5,000. Before this, I used Google Ads, which didn’t yield any results, but this worked almost immediately.’

– Frank Giesen