What if...

You have a sales partner that helps you achieve the following results every month for every sales rep.

What would that (have) mean(t) for you and you business?

Who is it for?

With our service we focus on entrepreneurs that have the following characteristics:

The reason for this is because we can deliver the most value to these entrepreneurs. Does this sound like you? Then let’s plan in a meeting.


Below are the average numbers that we are aiming for. The first number is the absolute minimum and there is no maximum.

Why These Goals?

Not all new connections will respond immediately, schedule a meeting, or become a customer, but they are still connected, and now you can stay top-of-mind. 100-200 is still on the low side but should already result in 500%+ ROI.

10 Appointments per month with a 20% conversion rate result in 2 customers per month. It may not sound like a lot, but if your customers generate at least 10,000 euros, then it certainly is. It is the minimum target and can be much higher, but at the beginning, we aim for the minimum target and base our price on that.

The higher your conversion rate from appointment to customer, the more ROI this service will generate for you. Ultimately, that’s what it’s all about. If our service generates more euros than you put into it, then everyone is happy.

This service provides a consistent flow of leads and customers, so you don’t stay in a vicious circle. If you keep having at least 10 appointments every month with potential customers, you will break out of this cycle and continue to grow sustainably. Especially if you target increasingly “larger” customers.

It brings you one step closer to making your business autonomous and ultimately making a sale possible.


The Solution...

The Bamboo Sales Partner

In a nutshell, a Bamboo Sales Partner helps you get more sales through LinkedIn. This is done by finding the right people and sending them messages with the goal of qualifying and getting to know them. 

The core activities are listed below.

Constant Optimisation

Lead Generation

What others say?

‘It amazed me how quick the Bamboo Sales Assistant was set up and how fast it helped me to get high ticket leads. I have been using this system for the last 6 months and it works great!’

– Erik Toenhake

‘I highly recommend this system as it’s simple and fast to set up. I really liked that you didn’t necessarily needed a website for this system and you could start using it right away.’

– Suzan De Vries

‘Since I met Jorick and we used his LinkedIn strategy for my business I have been getting leads left and right. These are not leads for simple assignments. They hold a lot of value.

– Frank Giesen

The Investment

For Constant Optimisation: consulting, tracking and training we ask a fixed fee of €750,- per month.

For Lead Generation we charge a fixed fee, either:

Per Connection

Pay every time a lead connects (LinkedIn Only).
You pick up the conversation from there.
(Max 20 clients)
  • Bamboo Sales Course
  • Setup Done-For-You
  • Unlimited Advice
  • Result Rapporting
  • (Sales) Training
  • Profile Optimalisation
  • Offer Enhancement

Per Reaction

Pay every time a lead starts a conversation.
You pick up the conversation from there.
(Max 20 clients)
  • Follow-ups
  • Optimise For Reactions
  • Bamboo Sales Course
  • Setup Done-For-You
  • Unlimited Advice
  • Result Rapporting
  • (Sales) Training
  • Profile Optimalisation
  • Offer Enhancement

Per Show Up

Pay everytime a lead shows up to a meeting.
We do the conversations on LinkedIn here.
(Max 10 Clients)
  • 50% Discount On Connections
  • 50% Discount On Reactions
  • Bamboo Sales Course
  • CRM Management
  • Result Rapporting
  • Unlimited Advice
  • Profile Optimalisation
  • List Building
  • Appointment Booking
  • Show-Up Rate Boost
  • (Sales) Training
  • Calendar Integration
  • Offer Enhancement

Sales Machine Optimisation

At Bamboe Marketing, we believe in providing you with more value than what you pay for. That’s why we work for conversations, appointments, and sales on a no-cure-no-pay basis for lead generation.

For constant optimisation it’s all about improving the following KPI’s:

  • Increasing the number of approaches (more input).
  • Enhancing the percentage of people accepting and responding.
  • Improving the percentage of people progressing from conversation to appointment.
  • Enhancing the percentage of appointments that are attended.
  • Improving the percentage of appointments that convert to customers.
  • Increasing referrals per customer.
  • Decreasing the percentage of customers leaving annually.
  • Raising the average customer value for your company.

Bamboo Growth Journey

What is your Gross Profit?

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Below you will find all the bonuses we offer in addition to the core solution.

The Bamboe Sales Script

We have developed a sales script that works and is scalable. Anyone can learn it, and it is easy to remember.

Value: Without a clear script, it can be challenging to get appointments and customers, especially if you have little or no experience in sales. That’s why having a framework is crucial.

The Goal Calculator

We have developed a Google Sheet that makes it easy to create a revenue goal and know exactly how many connections, responses, appointments, and sales you need to achieve that goal.

Value: Clarity is power. You need to know precisely what you need at each step so that you can measure whether you are on track or not.

Your Owned Traffic List

We gather the email addresses and phone numbers of the people you connect with on LinkedIn and store them in the CRM we work with. These data are available for your company.

Value: All these email addresses can be utilized later for campaigns and lead nurturing purposes.

The LinkedIn Sales Profile

Most entrepreneurs treat their LinkedIn profile as a resume. But what is a resume for? Job hunting, right? We advise entrepreneurs to approach their profiles differently than employees. We can teach you how to do this.

Value: Increase the acceptance rate of connection requests from 30% to 40%+.

Gratis Software

Through us, you can get 2 months of free Sales Navigator (provided you haven’t had Sales Navigator before) and 30 days of free Pipedrive (CRM).

Value: Saves €250.

First Year Value

At Bamboe Marketing, we follow the rule that our service must generate at least 5 times ROI and must be worth at least 10 times its value. Below, you can see a table with the total value of the core service and the bonuses combined.




The Bamboo Sales Assistant


12 months * (average customer value * 2 customers) minimum.

Audience Optimisation


Choose people with more money and you’ll have a much better entrepreneurial experience.

Offer Enhancement


An offer with high value and high margin can be worth millions with the right target audience and skills.

Consulting & Training


20% -> 25% conversion & faster sales, higher customer value.

Your Owned Traffic List


200 connections per month * 12 months * €12 per year * average of 3 years that they stay subscribed if you send them emails.

The LinkedIn Sales Profile


From 30% acceptance to 45%+ and from 10% chance of appointment to 20%+.

A.I Posting


200 connections per month * 12 months * 12 euros per year * 3-year average.

Fact-Based Optimisation


60% growth on an annual basis in the sales process with a 5% improvement on the 6 conversions.

CRM Integrations


Significant time savings and increased speed lead to more sales.

The Bamboo Sales Script


Increasing conversion rates and cash flow speed.

The Goal Calculator


Clarity creates power. Knowing exactly how much connection requests and appointments we need makes for easy measurement.

Total Value


(€240.000 + €600.000) / 2 + the bonusses

AVG Total Price


The average of €2000 (price at €10,000 per customer, 2 customers and 10%) and €10,000 (price at €25,000 per customer and 20%) per month.

Value Multiple


€1,875,400 divided by €72,000 equals 26 times as valuable as it costs.

"Panda's Favorite" Guarantee

“You’d rather compete with a hungry panda for bamboo than for you to not take advantage of this guarantee.”

The first 30 days of the Bamboo Growth Journey you have a money-back guarantee

Meaning you can get all the money back from the set-up fee.

This removes financial risk for you to try out our system.

The reason we offer this is because we know that our system is not the right fit for everyone and every market. This guarantee makes the first 30 days a discovery period.

Maximum Capacity

In 2023, we have room for a maximum of:

In addition, we accept a maximum of per month:

We are quickly filling up but as long as the buttons for requesting a free intake are available, there is still a spot available. But be quick or we might have to put you on the waiting list for 2024.


You can start from the first day of any week, including during the trial period. We do this so we can prepare properly and avoid capacity issues.

To start, just press one of the “request free trial” buttons and fill in your name, your email and your phone number.

Adding your website and LinkedIn profile will help during the intake call, but it’s optional.


Stopping is possible every month, but once you do, you can’t come back. This is because we are looking for long-term collaberations with entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a constant flow of leads and sales.

For this reason, we also do not offer an on-hold option. We believe that sales and marketing should never stop.

To cancel, you can simply send an email to [email protected].


To prevent this as much as possible, your sales assistant will work with you to set the filters on LinkedIn and discuss the messages we will be sending. This will increase the value of the appointments.

  1. Setting up a filter to find the target audience based on your answers and sharing it with you
  2. Proposing a message funnel and sharing it with you for review
  3. Setting up a work environment and installing necessary software
  4. Once we agree on the filter and message flow, we can start.
  5. Then we enter the trial period phase, where we plan, do, check and act. In the first week, we will call or speak briefly 2-3 times, and in the second week, 1-2 times.
  • Either based on the most concrete estimate possible based on past data.
  • Or if you want to know exactly, you can calculate the average customer value by adding up the revenue of your top 20% customers and then dividing it by the number of top customers.

Ready To Grow Like Bamboo?

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