What if you had an assistant that can arrange on 5 to 20 new appointments and 50 to 200 new LinkedIn connections every month for every sales representative in your business. With leads that are worth more then €10.000 when they become a client.

What would that mean for you and your business?

Our service is focused on solving one thing, a problem that many entrepreneurs have. The problem of inconsistent lead flow. We will solve this problem for you by assigning a sales assistant to your business who will use LinkedIn to schedule appointments for you every month with your customer avatar. 

The 4-Fase Framework

Who Is It For?

With our service, we focus on sustainable B2B SME entrepreneurs with 3 employees or more and/or a turnover of at least one million euros per year, and an average customer value of at least €10,000+ (Gross Profit).

The customer value is the most important factor because the higher the average customer value, the more profitable this service will be.

What are the targets?

Below is a list of objectives we have for our clients. The first amount is the minimum, but the second amount is not the maximum – the maximum is unlimited. Within the indicated framework, these objectives should be relatively easy to achieve.

We and many of our clients consistently surpass the objectives listed below.

Why these targets?

What are obstacles?

What is the solution?

In a nutshell, a Bamboo Sales Assistant helps you get more sales through LinkedIn. This is done by finding the right people and sending them messages with the goal of qualifying and getting to know them. The core activities are listed below.

What others say?

‘It amazed me how quick the Bamboo Sales Assistant was set up and how fast it helped me to get high ticket leads. I have been using this system for the last 6 months and it works great!’

– Erik Toenhake

‘I highly recommend this system as it’s simple and fast to set up. I really liked that you didn’t necessarily needed a website for this system and you could start using it right away.’

– Suzan De Vries

‘Since I met Jorick and we used his LinkedIn strategy for my business I have been getting leads left and right. These are not leads for simple assignments. They hold a lot of value.

– Frank Giesen


We offer three No-Cure-No-Pay models: A percentage per peaction, per meeting and per sale. This price does not include the investment for the required tech stack. The percentages are the commissions we ask based on the average LTV of a client.

The “PER SALE” investment structure will unlock after 120 days of working together. We do this because this sort of collaberation needs a lot of trust and transparancy. Something that is not wise to do before having worked together.

Per Reaction

  • Tool Reports
  • Meeting Checks

Per Meeting

  • CRM Management
  • Meeting Checks
  • Meeting Recordings
  • Calendar Integration

Per Sale

  • Tool Reports
  • Deal Management
  • Invoice Checks
  • Meeting Checks
  • Meeting A.I. Recording
  • Calender Integration
  • High-Level Integration

What is your Gross Profit?

Two columns

Calculate Your ROI


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Below you will find all the bonuses we offer in addition to the core solution. Most of these bonuses are not used during the trial period and begin after the trial period. Request the 14-day trial period and discover how it works.

The values listed for each bonus are calculated on an annual basis assuming an average customer value of €10,000.

1. Audience Improvement

Bonus Value: €250.000

Step 1 is choosing a top target audience.

If you are in a shrinking market, that’s a big problem. During our collaboration, the sales assistant will make suggestions based on data about target audience improvement. The more detailed, the better.

The value of this bonus is at least €250,000 because finding a good market is useful for the rest of your business and has the potential to generate millions.

2. Offer Enhancement

Bonus Value: €225.000

Step 2 is creating a unique and amazing offer.

The entire sales process becomes much easier when you have an offer that is so good that people can hardly say no. There is much you can do to make your offer incredibly good so that you create more value for the customer and, of course, more profit for you.

We know how to do this and help you with it. The value of this bonus is also at least €225,000. A unique offer with a high margin and great value can bring your business to one million euros per year and beyond in revenue.

3. Consulting & Training

Bonus Value: €200.000

Step 3 is strengthening the necessary skills, beliefs, and qualities.

Having the right target audience and a strong offer does not guarantee success. How do you schedule as many appointments as possible? How do you quickly convert them into customers? How do you retain customers for as long as possible? These are important skills that we can advise and train you on.

Value: For example, we can train you to increase your conversion rate from an average of 20% to 25% and higher. Over a year, 25% compared to 20% is already €60,000 more.

4. Your Owned Traffic List

Bonus Value: €86.400

We collect the email addresses and phone numbers of the people you connect with on LinkedIn in the CRM that we use. These data are available for your company. Each email address can generate at least €1 per month for your business.

Value: 200 connections per month * 12 months * €12 per year * 3 years on average that they remain subscribed if you send them emails.

5. The LinkedIn Sales Profile

Bonus Value: €120.000

Most entrepreneurs set up their LinkedIn profile as a CV. But what is a CV for? Finding a job, right? We advise entrepreneurs to approach their profile differently than employees. It is important to see it as the homepage for your business(es). We will teach you how to do this.

Value: Increase the acceptance rate from 30% to 45%+ and the appointment rate from 10% to 20%.

6. LinkedIn A.I. Posting

Bonus Value: €150.000

We have developed a framework on how to generate a year’s worth of text content in just a few days using ChatGPT. We share this knowledge with you so that you can post daily content on LinkedIn forever.

Value: By constantly posting, you stay top-of-mind, and new connections that you receive who may not immediately set an appointment can still become warm leads later on.

7. Fact-Based Optimisation

Bonus Value: €144.000

By analyzing data and regularly reviewing it, we can constantly make improvements to the system.

The value of this is that the service becomes better and better, and you get more out of it.

Value: There are 6 points in the process that can constantly be improved. If you improve all these points by 5%, you will get 60% more out of the system. With €10,000, 10 appointments, and a 20% conversion rate, 60% growth is €144,000. This can be even higher.

8. CRM Integrations

Bonus Value: €50.000

The CRM we use is called Pipedrive and is easy to integrate with commonly used tools such as Slack, Zoom, Google Meets, Gmail, Teams, Google Calendar, and more.

Value: It saves a lot of time and makes it easier to gather a list and synchronize your contacts across the board.

9. The Bamboe Sales Script

Bonus Value: €300.000

We have developed a sales script that works and is scalable. Anyone can learn it, and it is easy to remember. It is not just for setting appointments with people on LinkedIn, but also for how to turn the first appointment into an immediate sale.

Value: Without a clear script, it will be challenging to get appointments and customers if you have little or no sales experience. Therefore, having a framework is crucial.

10. The Goal Calculator

Bonus Value: PRICELESS

We’ve developed a Google Sheet that makes it easy for you to create a turnover goal and know exactly how much connections, reactions, appointments and sales you need to reach it.

Value: Clarity is power. You need to know exactly how much you need on every step so you can measure if you are on target or not.

Value Multiple

At Bamboe Marketing, we follow the rule that our service must generate at least 5 times ROI and must be worth at least 10 times its value. Below, you can see a table with the total value of the core service and the bonuses combined.




The Bamboo Sales Assistant


12 months * (average customer value * 2 customers) minimum.

Audience Optimisation


Choose people with more money and you’ll have a much better entrepreneurial experience.

Offer Enhancement


An offer with high value and high margin can be worth millions with the right target audience and skills.

Consulting & Training


20% -> 25% conversion & faster sales, higher customer value.

Your Owned Traffic List


200 connections per month * 12 months * €12 per year * average of 3 years that they stay subscribed if you send them emails.

The LinkedIn Sales Profile


From 30% acceptance to 45%+ and from 10% chance of appointment to 20%+.

A.I Posting


200 connections per month * 12 months * 12 euros per year * 3-year average.

Fact-Based Optimisation


60% growth on an annual basis in the sales process with a 5% improvement on the 6 conversions.

CRM Integrations


Significant time savings and increased speed lead to more sales.

The Bamboo Sales Script


Increasing conversion rates and cash flow speed.

The Goal Calculator


Clarity creates power. Knowing exactly how much connection requests and appointments we need makes for easy measurement.

Total Value


(€240.000 + €600.000) / 2 + the bonusses

AVG Total Price


The average of €2000 (price at €10,000 per customer, 2 customers and 10%) and €10,000 (price at €25,000 per customer and 20%) per month.

Value Multiple


€1,875,400 divided by €72,000 equals 26 times as valuable as it costs.


For our service, we have two guarantees: the 14-day guarantee and the 90-day guarantee.

The "Panda's Favorite"

“You’d rather compete with a hungry panda for bamboo than for you to not take advantage of this guarantee.”

You can try out our service for 14 days with no obligation. The trial period starts when the first connection request is sent from your LinkedIn account.

The trial period ends with a short reflection conversation in which we discuss the results and next steps.

We don’t accept everyone, it needs to be genuinely interesting for both parties, and therefore we would like to schedule an intake interview with you for the trial period.

The "Cactus Hug"

“You’d rather hug a cactus than to NOT take part of this guarantee.”

We guarantee a break-even number of responses or appointments in the first 90 days (including the trial period), depending on whether you outsource until response or appointment.

If this is not the case, we will work for free until it is, with a maximum of 6 months.

This guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  • Quick response, within 2 working days, to people who engage on LinkedIn.
  • Our feedback and training are used and implemented.
  • Appointments are recorded, which can easily be done through specific tools.
  • All appointments and sales are recorded in the CRM with their respective values.
  • No information is withheld that is necessary to verify whether a break-even revenue is being generated.

We can verify this by checking the number of quality appointments you have and the sales that are recorded in the CRM. Additionally, if you record the appointments, we can verify whether they were indeed of good quality or not

Our Maximum Capacity

In 2023, we have room for a maximum of:

  • 40 clients for reactions (10%)
  • 10 clients for appointments (20%)

In addition, we accept a maximum of per month:

  • 4 new clients for reactions
  • 1 new client for appointments

We are quickly filling up but as long as the buttons for requesting a trial period are available, there is still a spot available. But be quick or we will have to put you on the waiting list for 2024.


You can start from the first day of any week, including during the trial period. We do this so we can prepare properly and avoid capacity issues.

To start, just press one of the “request free trial” buttons and fill in your name, your email and your phone number.

Adding your website and LinkedIn profile will help during the intake call, but it’s optional.


Stopping is possible every month, but once you do, you can’t come back. This is because we are looking for long-term collaberations with entrepreneurs who understand the importance of a constant flow of leads and sales.

For this reason, we also do not offer an on-hold option. We believe that sales and marketing should never stop.

To cancel, you can simply send an email to [email protected].


What if the appointments don’t fit my business?
To prevent this as much as possible, your sales assistant will work with you to set the filters on LinkedIn and discuss the messages we will be sending. This will increase the value of the appointments.

Why is a deposit requested?
In the past, there have been people who have taken the trial period and then have not paid. It forms a barrier for people who are not serious or who have no intention of paying.

What steps are taken once I make the deposit payment?

  1. Setting up a filter to find the target audience based on your answers and sharing it with you
  2. Proposing a message funnel and sharing it with you for review
  3. Setting up a work environment and installing necessary software
  4. Once we agree on the filter and message flow, we can start.
  5. Then we enter the trial period phase, where we plan, do, check and act. In the first week, we will call or speak briefly 2-3 times, and in the second week, 1-2 times.

How is the average customer value determined?

  • Either based on the most concrete estimate possible based on past data.
  • Or if you want to know exactly, you can calculate the average customer value by adding up the revenue of your top 20% customers and then dividing it by the number of top customers.

Ready To Grow Like Bamboo?

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