Want To Grow Like Bamboo?

Are you someone with a sustainable vision? A Warrior Of Sustainability?
Do you have a company that accelerates the sustainable revolution?

We would love to help you in your mission by arranging on average 5-20+ new sales meetings and 100-200+ new connections with timely and exclusive leads of high quality. They are worth atleast €10.000 when they become a client.

Oh... and that's per sales agent in your business.


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and it is used as a sustainable building material.

In the far east they have a bamboo species called the Chinese bamboo tree and the Chinese bamboo tree takes five years before anything is visible above the ground. However, once the bamboo tree breaks through, it grows very quickly.

27 meters high in 5 weeks!

The growth of a new company often has a similar story. A company only needs marketing instead of water.



At this moment a sustainable revolution is happening. We see this revolution as a green explosion, we call it the Greennova.

Our vision is one that is shared with many and one that more and more people are seeing. It is a future where humanity is in balance with nature, where all energy is sustainable, where we live regeneratively and where 16 sustainable goals are met and kept.

Our mission is to accelerate the sustainable revolution. We do this by finding people with sustainable ideas and businesses and then helping them grow as bamboo!

How We Do This

We match a Bamboe Sales Assistant to your business who arranges new appointments and connections with people who you really want to meet. Every month. Your assistant will also give you advice and help you get the most out of all these new appointments and connections.

Sustainable Customers That Are Growing Like Bamboo

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