Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and it is used as a sustainable building material.

In the far east they have a bamboo species called the Chinese bamboo tree and the Chinese bamboo tree takes five years before anything is visible above the ground. However, once the bamboo tree breaks through, it grows very quickly.

27 meters high in 5 weeks!

The growth of a new company often has a similar story. A company only needs marketing instead of water.


The Dream

At this moment a sustainable revolution is happening. We see this revolution as a green explosion, we call it the Greennova.

Our vision is one that is shared with many and one that more and more people are seeing. It is a future where humanity is in balance with nature, where all energy is sustainable, where we live regeneratively and where 16 sustainable goals are met and kept.

Our mission is to accelerate the sustainable revolution. We do this by finding people with sustainable ideas and businesses and then helping them grow as bamboo!

Team Bamboo


The Entreprenerd
& Digital Strategist

Has 99 ideas before breakfast and loves automation and statistics


The Bird Whisperer
& Content Manager

Helps birds all over the world with her informative content.


Online Shaman
& Project Manager

An unusual blend of spirituality and practicality.


Mr. Sheet
Digital Analist

Can turn anything and everything into a Google Sheet.


Dr. Relax
& Accountmanager

Has nerves of steel in any and every sales meeting.


Football Legend &
Content Writer

The next generation legendary football scout and excellent content writer.


& Content Writer

Ponders the wonders of the universe and likes to write about them.


Mr. Pop
& Content Writer

Pop culture is his thing and his legacy.


The Documentarist &
Online Markteer

Thorough, motivated and eager to learn as much about the web as possible.


The Viking
& Assistent account Manager

Handels sales like a true warrior.

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