Questions around sustainability

Companies with a sustainable mission often have products or services in which this is translated. There is a whole network of people and companies that prefer to do business with people who share the same views. 

On this page you will find five popular terms regarding sustainability. Find out the monthly volume and roughly what it costs to buy one visitor on these terms. 

During the research it is advisable to keep the following question in mind: What are my potential customers looking for and how can I respond to this? 


The first term is of course sustainability itself and if you look at the top keywords in the image you will see that people are searching for what sustainability is, which companies are sustainable and which products are sustainable. 

You could respond to this by answering this in the form of an article or a video. Mind you, because these are high search volume words, there is probably also a lot of competition who wants the same. 

However, there are plenty of questions that are less competitive that you can be found on, just to name a few:

where to buy sustainable clothing

where to invest

sustainably sustainability what do you think about

what sustainable energy 

where does sustainability stand for 

where does sustainability come from 

where is sustainability good for 

why sustainability is important 
why sustainability in education 
why sustainability 
why sustainability in healthcare

We found these words through the tool Here you can enter a word and you will get all the questions people ask about the subject. 

Energie transition

Energy transition is also an important term in the sustainable world and in the Netherlands many people are looking for what it is. In addition, people are looking for podcasts about and specifically about the hydrogen energy transition. 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility is a commonly used term in the Netherlands. People search for what it is, but also how to do it. This is a great opportunity for companies that advise on this. 

Solar panels

 Finally, keywords about solar panels. This is a specific product that people are looking for and a great example of why this kind of research can mean a lot for your company. 

Are you curious about the search volume for your products and services? 

Then take a look at, with this free tool everyone can check the volume of certain keywords. 

How you can then respond to this information is a more extensive story. 

Do you have any questions about analyzing keywords and how to respond to the information? You can always call or email: +31 (0)85 760 00 62 or [email protected]

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