Groeps and hashtags around sustainability on LinkedIn

Sustainable groups on LinkedIn

There are groups on topics on every social media channel. No different for LinkedIn. Finding the right groups is quite easy. You go to the LinkedIn search bar and search for a topic or theme.

You will then see that a number of categories expand. If you then click on groups you will get an overview of groups with regard to what you have searched for:

Search through the list to see which groups are of interest to you. 

For example, in the list above you see: 

  1. Urgenda 

The organization for sustainability and innovation that wants to make the Netherlands more sustainable faster, together with companies, governments, social organizations and private individuals. In this group, professionals share their knowledge about sustainable mobility, energy and construction. Sustainable faster together! 

  1. Sustainable innovation 

A meeting for people from business, the design world, science and politics. 

  1. Sustainable business

Largest network group for professionals in the field of sustainable business, corporate social responsibility (CSR), CSR and sustainability and business. Linked to the Online Knowledge Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship http://www.duurzaam-ondernemen.nl 

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility Corporate 

Social Responsibility (CSR) or sustainable entrepreneurship is a form of entrepreneurship aimed at economic performance (profit), with respect for social side (people), within the ecological constraints (planet). This group is a network around this topic. The management of this group is done by MVO Nederland. 

These 4 are mainly the largest groups regarding sustainability and CSR on LinkedIn at the moment.

Sustainable Hashtags 

Just like on Facebook or Instagram, you also have hashtags on LinkedIn and many people do use them, but if you click on what they tag for fun, you will in most cases see that there are completely followers on these hashtags! 

Of course, this doesn’t make much sense and that’s why I can advise you to first see which hashtags your target audience follows before you decide to add them. 

LinkedIn does not make this easy, the only way is to do this in LinkedIn itself and look it up per hashtag. 

You go to LinkedIn search bar

Then you can do your research by applying what they call the Alphabet Soup method. This works as follows. If you are looking for sustainability, for example enter #sustainable in the search bar.

 You will now see that it is being replenished. These are hashtags that actually have volume. Then click on them and see how many followers there are on the hashtag.

Then you write this down, my preference is in a Google Sheet. With regard to sustainability, here are a number of hashtags that we have found: 

Dutch hashtags

Hashtag Volgers
#duurzaamheid 9882
#duurzaamondernemen 351
#duurzaam 7738
#duurzaaminzetbaar 67
#mvo 213
#circulairiteit 151
#circulaire 127
#circulaireeconomie 799
#biodiversiteit 319
#biomassa 262
#fairtrade 1070
#klimaatneutraal 47
#klimaatakkoord 336
#klimaatverandering 128
#klimaatadaptatie 290
#groen 97
#groengas 34

Found more hashtags that fit this? We would like to hear it! 

English hashtags

Hashtag Volgers
#sustainable 37622
#sustainablebusiness 11377
#sustainabledevelopment 31528
#sustainablefinance 16355
#eco 1069
#sdgs2030 (sustainable development goals) 1058
#sdg 4465

These are hashtags purely focused on the topic of sustainability, but you can also find hashtags about the product or service you have. 

Of course, this also applies to groups. 

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